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The Hoodie: From Athletic Essential to Streetwear Icon


The hoodie was once a humble garment rooted in practicality. It has transcended its origins to become an iconic and versatile force within the realm of fashion. It embodies a unique blend of comfort and style. It has earned its status as a wardrobe staple worldwide. It integrates into various fashion styles, from casual loungewear to high-end street fashion. The hoodie is not a piece of clothing. It also has cultural significance. It symbolizes rebellion, anonymity, and belonging to diverse subcultures. It has become a universal symbol, transcending age, gender, and cultural boundaries. It's a garment of choice across demographics. The hoodie is a streetwear symbol. It bridges the gap between luxury and urban fashion. High-end designers incorporate intricate designs and materials into their collections.


In Medieval Europe, monks began wearing hooded capes for practical reasons. The hood protected them from the weather when they were outside. This became a standard part of the clothing for monks in Europe. Monastic orders, such as the Benedictines, adopted the hooded cape as part of their religious attire.



in the 1930s, the hooded pullover stands as a utilitarian garment. American clothing manufacturers experimented with fabrics traditionally used in undergarment mills. This gave rise to what we now recognize as the hoodie. The apparel company, currently known as Champion Athletic Apparel, is situated in Rochester, upstate New York. It crafted the first hoodie by adding a hood to the sweatshirt. Designed to provide warmth and protection for athletes and laborers from the harsh winters. This paved the way for the hoodie's evolution into mass-market sportswear during the 20th century.

In the subsequent decades, the hoodie gained traction in various spheres. Boxers made it their go-to attire, further solidifying its place in the realm of sports and entertainment. TV shows and characters began adopting the hoodie as a symbol of authenticity and relatability. Hoodies achieved widespread popularity, particularly among prominent figures in pop culture. The pivotal year of 1976 marked the release of "Rocky," adding a new layer of symbolism to the hoodie. The grey marl silhouette became an iconic representation in Stallone's portrayal. It also symbolized resilience and hard work. It reestablished the hoodie's connection to its working-class roots. This transformation catapulted the hoodie from utilitarian workwear to a symbol of determination. It firmly embedded the hoodie in mainstream society.


young male model wearing a RENOWNED WEAR Cream logo Hoodie


The Logo Hoodie serves as our embodiment of a straightforward approach. It's a simple yet elegant Luxe Hoodie silhouette, without any graphics. Putting all emphasis on the fit, craftsmanship, and utilizes premium fabrics and materials. This hoodie is crafted for comfort and durability. It is finished with a 3D embroidery on the chest and an embossed rubber label on the hood. It also features a fleece-brushed interior for a soft, cozy feel, and it's also pre-shrunk to ensure minimal shrinkage. The ribbed hem and cuffs provide a snug fit. The 4-inch wide, double-folded, flat-knit side ribbing enhances flexibility and style. Made from heavyweight 400 GSM organic cotton, the hoodie is not only warm but also resilient. The reverse flat lock stitching adds a subtle yet distinctive detail. The kangaroo pocket and adjustable drawstrings offer practicality and personalization. It's a perfect blend of quality craftsmanship. This hoodie pairs effortlessly with the Logo sweatpants to complete the set or your preferred denim or trouser of choice.


Heavyweight 400gsm premium luxury hoodie collection from RENOWNED WEAR


Choosing the perfect hoodie is more intricate than you might first think, with a myriad of options available to suit your lifestyle. The composition and materials used dictate the longevity of the garment. This ensures that your new piece becomes a timeless staple in your wardrobe.

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    Amazing Blog, love the way you guys structured the article. I’m a die hard hoodie fan it’s my favorite thing to wear thru fall and winter. 💯🔥

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